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About Us

About Us

Are you too reliant on individuals? 


Your Business Challenges 

"Paying employees on time accurately is vital to our business and we have become too reliant on individuals" 

"If they are away, our business is at risk of not paying our employees on time" 

"Relying on individuals puts additional pressure on staff not equip to manage our payroll and takes them away from their core responsibilities" 

What you want to achieve

  • Secure information that is manual and remove the individual reliance on employees 
  • Identify and maintain components of the current payroll process that are working for our business 
  • Remove all paper based, manual, Excel workings and additional administrative tasks 
  • Use innovative and efficient payroll software to manage the payroll 
  • Undertake an audit of the current payroll functions and ensure that our business is 100% compliant 
  • Introduce best practice around the payroll process 

What to consider

  • How do you want your payroll and employee management to look like for your business and employees? 
  • What components of your current payroll tool work for your business 
  • Have you reviewed the additional advantages that can be achieved by using an outsourced payroll solution 
  • What is involved in the Implementation and what time frames would we work towards? 
  • What are the financial benefits and gains for your business? 
  • Can your chosen provider demonstrate how they will meet your criteria? 

How can Aussiepay help?

  • We will provide detail scoping around your requirements whilst providing you a full explanation of your options 
  • We will identify and provide demonstrations of specific and relevant technology and solutions that address your business approach 
  • Thoroughly and confidentially assist you in presenting a business case 
  • Provide a transparent process from initial discussions, clearly defined proposals, manage expectations and provide a genuine ROI 
  • Provide a detailed and managed Implementation Project Plan with transparency, detail around how information is captured and provide a managed expectation throughout the delivery of your transition 
  • Use the Implementation Project Plan and together create milestones and identify clear responsibilities 

Other Challenges