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About Us

About Us

Are you looking to drive innovation?

Your Business Challenges

"I’ve noticed the need to really improve things for our business; not just save the 40 to 70% I know I can save by out-sourcing payroll". 

"There is   new and innovative  technology we could have access to overnight: our employees could be using Employee Self Service, projecting then applying on- line for leave,  with the request which automatically goes to their team leader or manager (except if the they are  sick, then it would automatically redirect), printing their own payslips anytime, anywhere and updating their personal details when they need to change them".

"Just think of all the advantages of employee self service functionality, simple automatic workflows and the use of cloud technology".

What do you want to achieve

  • Revamp the way core employee activities are conducted in a safe but refreshing step forward for our business
  • Identify the  things that are currently being performed that can be safely transitioned to modern technology, faster with more functionality, more flexibility yet a cheaper way of achieving a similar objective 
  • Reprioritise resources in a small team to focus on core objectives because it’s more cost effective then geting more staffby outsourcing payroll
  • To deliver quicker  and noticeable improvements tofellow managers and employees.

What to consider

  • Identify the repetitive tasks that occur on a regular basis within your business that are not efficient 
  • How would your business and employees feel if you introduced a faster, smarter, more intuitive way that they could achieve their current tasks and access their information
  • The positive and engaged reactions from providing employees with an improved payroll system, functionality they require on any remote device, anytime, anywhere.
  • The empowering effect of providing supervisors, team leaders and line managers with all matters requiring approval via an online payroll solution.

How can Aussiepay help?

  • Assist with the  analysis of opportunities that are typically endured within a business like yours 
  • Provide white papers ,blue papers and real how to guides strategies and You Tube video that directly affect your businesses key result areas 
  • Connections with business minded individuals in other organisations who have gone through the same experiences or are going through the transition of similar initiatives 
  • Demonstrate new cloud based payroll tools and functionality that could easily be applied to areas of your business 
  • Detailed scoping of your current processes and both identifying and mapping future requirements, whilst building the business case with you and identifying benefits and cost savings 
  • Provide you with a detailed Implementation Project Plan for a seamless transition.
  • A genuine partnership and ongoing relationship that is carefully planned through organisational change  and brings your business into the 21st century

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