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About Us

About Us

Are you concerned about compliance?

Your Business Challenges

"We assume (and hope) that our payroll is processed correctly every payroll, but there is actually no way of knowing until it goes wrong and we have no experts to double check with . Essentially our ‘payroll system remains unchanged and it’s only if we hear about changes that we react"

"We are not convinced  our payroll is compliant and hope that we are not confronted by an employee . What worries us the most  is terminations especially when they are complex and result is in large payouts?

What do you want to achieve

  • Undertake an audit on all current payroll processes, employee pay rates, calculations to verify they conform with current legislation requirements
  • Reduce  all current risks and  transition the responsibility for legislative compliance whilst establish a strong relationship with a credible provider 
  • Amend and rectify any current issues and receive advice on how to manage these mistakes whilst understanding the implications to our business 
  • A relationship with a  provider that can accurately, timely and compliantly run your payroll 
  • Secure all current information and establish it in a protected yet versatile environment 
  • Detailed reporting to improve management of internal reporting requirements
  • Managed parallel pay run to analyse the veracity and preparation of the outsourced payroll provider to achieve your payroll requirements; understanding  that at this point the  parallel run may not equal your current payroll transactions because an audit to identify what you should be paying as opposed to what you have been paying has been undertaken
  • Receive regular updates on all upcoming legislative changes and how they will affect your business and employees but also indicating that your provider is ready ahead of the legal change date 

What to consider

  • Your current payroll process is statistically likely to not be 100% compliant 
  • Software as a solution is  fundamentally out of date the day it is written; which is why we manage our processes as a cloud based payroll solution, ensuring we are continually 100% compliant 
  • Undertake a parallel verification run which satisfy you that the chosen outsourced payroll provider is ready to run your payroll 
  • Choice of a fully compliant outsourced payroll solution with a dedicated and experienced payroll consultant where your responsibility is simplified and your payroll solution and provision of services to your staff are first class and in accordance with best practice 

How Aussiepay can help

  • During a detailed scoping discussion we will methodically look for the typical weaknesses and identify areas of improvement that are usually present 
  • Due to our detailed Implementation project plan the implementation process is transparent, responsibilities identified and your expectations managed
  • The real situation from each go live provides us a wealth of experience and a check list of what to look for and how to identify change
  • Our detailed audit and processes for capturing your data will identify any and all compliance issues which our implementation team will provide best practices solutions and business processes 
  • Your business will arrive from the detailed scoping, proposal discussions and Implementation process with a compliant payroll solution and employee management tool without having to pay independent consultants to recommend best business practice and process 

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