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About Us

About Us

Do you already outsource? 

Your Business Challenges

"When we decided to outsource payroll, we really didn’t know what to look for and made the decision to quick". 

"What I know now about outsourcing is that I’m paying someone to do it and whilst it’s is cost effective, I want it done right the first time. If I need to call my provider, I want them to be in the same country and I want a dedicated person to speak to".

"When I need an ad-hoc or payroll calculation done, I need it done today ". 

What do you want to achieve?

  • Source a solution for the current issues you are experiencing whilst continuing to maximise the benefits of outsourcing payroll
  • Receive accurate and timely payroll data to simply verify the payroll, because you are currently experiencing inaccuracy from a less operationally excellent supplier in an untimely manner
  • Timely turnaround times with detailed answers addressing the question because currently you will be asking questions of a less operationally excellent supplier and you are not currently satisfied with the timeliness or integrity of the answers 
  • Eliminate back and forth communication and errors so that the full benefits of outsourcing payroll is achieved
  • The supplier you’re dealing with is too small and not focused enough on you as their customer or they are too large and is too hard to consistently contact the same person 

What to consider

  • List the current deficiencies and search for an outsourced payroll provider who is more operationally excellent 
  • Will any outsourced payroll  provider offer clear guarantees and KPI’s around accuracy of information, service quality and timeliness 
  • Will you be allocated a dedicated payroll consultant and who you will be able to build a relationship with and speak to this person routinely
  • What benefits will your business acquire if you established a genuine partnership with a capable local outsourced payroll provider 
  • What cloud based technology is available that you are not currently using and could it provide additional benefits to your business 

How can Aussiepay help?

  • Having productively and effectively transitioned companies just like yours from less operationally excellent outsourced payroll providers, into our payroll programs, we are acutely aware of the deficiencies and number of issues you have been facing and how best to resolve them 
  • We understand how your current provider manages your current employees, payroll data, and leave balances. We know how to import it into our payroll system seamlessly 
  • Our cloud based payroll software is specifically written to the  Australian Legislative requirements so they do not require work a rounds for local compliance 
  • Being cloud based our payroll software is continually compliant with the ever changing Australian legislation and version control issues are avoided 
  • We do not charge for annual software upgrade fees or technical support costs 
  • We can easily configure cloud based functionality, work flows and even the names for types of leave (for example) to match your business requirements
  • We can provide a detailed and managed Implementation Project Plan transiting you onto our payroll software seamlessly.
  • We can provide you with the confidence and supportive relationship you deserve and pay for.

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