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About Us

About Us

Is your core business suffering?

Your Business Challenges

"My team have the  responsibility of delivering  payroll and I’m not sure that we are the best equip to manage it .I do know that it frequently pulls  my team away from core business projects that we are trying to work on and deliver".

“Planning my day and managing key projects becomes harder when I  get staff inquiries about their pay, a complex question or termination. Payroll days seem to come around too quick and my core role is suffering".

"I'd really like the opportunity to focus on my core projects without having to do too much for payroll". 

"Just think what my team could get done if we outsourced payroll!".

What do you want to achieve

  • Identify and remove all administrative processes that we have been handling
  • Reduce the number of interruptions that arise when employees have basic questions ,changes or requests
  • Provide an improved employee self service solutions where staff are empowered to amend address and bank details, project and apply for leave, apply and file expense forms and print their own payslips or payment summaries anytime, anywhere.
  • Allow prioritised time to focus on core projects and key roles within my position description 
  • Request and receive accurate complex termination calculations as opposed to having to stress and spend the time on doing them 

What to consider

  • By outsourcing the complex administrative tasks associated with payroll,  what internal improvements and changes could be made 
  • Continuing to manage the payroll may be right for your business but you need to do it using a complaint payroll software 
  • Cloud based technology exists today that could deliver you an advantage to your business and employees
  • How easy and simple could payroll be once it is a fully outsourced payroll solution on a compliant platform 
  • What financial business benefits would be sustained by saving 40-70% of current costs 
  • How would it make you feel if you no longer managed the details of payroll 

How can Aussiepay help?

  • Listen and understand your current issues and provide guidance as to how you can implement a better outsourced payroll process 
  • During a detailed scoping discussion, we will actively scope your requirements whilst educating and  explaining your options 
  • Introduce and provide demonstrations around specific and relevant technology that will solves aspects of your current business approach and allows you to focus on your core business activities
  • Our detailed audit and processes for capturing data will identify all compliance issues and our implementation team will provide best business practices solutions 
  • Understand that you are ready to focus on your core business so we will run the Implementation Project Plan provide a clear understanding on responsibilities and managed you payroll transition  

Other Challenges