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About Us

About Us

Do you want to improve employee engagement?

Your Business Challenges

"I am surprised to learn that on average more 70% of employees across Australian businesses are disengaged: if our business can reduce the disengagement by 10 or 15% just imagine what our business and productivity would look like". 

“Improving the extent to which employees engaged, their commitment to tasks, work harder (and more efficient) and increasing their ambition within our organisation, makes very good sense to me". 

“Providing easy access to ‘employee self service’ functions for not just the day to day essential but also HR functions, employee training & development and championing  great management-employee relationships is what I want to deliver". 

What do you want to achieve

  • You are passionately committed to improving the experience that our employees have as they work for your company 
  • Keeping newly hired employees in touch with the reasons they joined our business whilst encouraging and empowering them to learn and develop through the business 
  • Improve the productivity of managers by streamlining their day, removing basic administrative tasks and allowing them the time to focus on  achieving their results 
  • To drive business improvement and the desire to bring in engaging and positive changes 

What to consider

  • Technology has been designed to create the rhythm (process) necessary to keep your employees enthusiastic, growing and engaged 
  • Consistent use of good HR best practices in a simple and intuitive way for your employees throughout your business 
  • Create an engaging environment where good ideas at the management table are not prevented by administrative ramifications
  • Easily identify and manage unique core competencies specific to relevent areas of your business 
  • Identify and remove tasks and business processes and procedures which  are none causes of employee disengagement 
  • Introduce a intelligible system which integrates all the interactions of employee experiences including but not limited to payroll.

How can Aussiepay Help?

  • We have the cloud based tools or capabilities to fully integrate our solution to address and achieve the specific aspect of employee management regardless of your start point 
  • Easily accessible information (in a restricted confidential environment) across our software modules 
  • Cloud based solutions to best facilitate outsourced payroll solution or compliant platforms your people can drive 
  • We can provide the structure, systems, processes and workflows that encourage management-employee interactions on a regular basis. Whether it be on-boarding and inducting new employees, providing documents they will need and making them easily accessible, conducting regular catch up’s and meetings, regular performance reviews, salary reviews, reviewing employee competencies or planning training and development programs, we help take away the administrative burden associated and provide useful easy to use tools that help the manager’s manage.