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The Employee Self Service function gives staff the ability to access personal information such as payslips and leave accruals directly through a secure online portal. Staff can also be given the ability to change certain information such as after hours contact details or addresses freeing payroll staff from the burden of such changes.

The information is readily available to those within the organisation with assigned viewing privileges and editing privileges can be limited to coincide with existing security practices.

Why Choose ESS?

By utilising a central database of employee information, organisations will streamline time consuming and paper based systems into efficient and web based workflows - relieving key staff of administration so they can focus on more strategic tasks. By giving staff access to personal information and payslips online, you increase staff moral and productivity linked to such staff enquiries.

Via a secured login page

Employees can view and print payslips, view and amend personal data such as next of kin and contact details, view leave balances and change bank account details (optional by employer, if required)

Management can access their employees' contact details, can assign business assets such as laptops, phones and other company valuables to employee codes and can review leave accounts within their department.

Benefits of ESS?

For employers:

  • Place administration in the hands of staff, freeing up time of key personnel
  • Eliminates large amounts of HR paperwork
  • Improved accuracy of employee data
  • Centralised employee data
  • Ensure constant and consistent internal control procedures
  • Asset management is improved

For employees:

  • Conveniently review their personal information without contacting administrative personnel
  • Reduce process lead times for specific tasks such as leave balance enquiries
  • Become empowered in their decision making
  • Can apply for loans without contacting Payroll/HR staff for supporting pay evidence

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